Powderheadz Strapins Review

November 10th, 2019

"I was skeptical at first, but after giving them a go, I was hooked. I have wide feet, skinny ankles, and thick calves, so I get pressure points everywhere on my boots. Adding these Strapins to my snowboards boots definitely alleviate the pressure and I feel like i gain more control when I ride."

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Snowboarding Profiles Strapins Review

February 21st, 2019

"Strapins are a great little inexpensive way to improve ill-fitting boots, reduce or eliminate tightening of your boots throughout the day and are a nice insurance policy for any potential breakages. Riding on a resort, with boots that fit very well, the biggest benefit I found from them, was not having to tighten my boots – and for this reason, I still ride with these on my regular everyday boots. And it’s nice to know I have them, in case of any breakages."

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Owner, Snowboardingprofiles.com


Thegoodride Strapins Review

May 3rd, 2017

"They have a lot of useful applications such as providing more power in your turn initiation, fixing a broken boot and getting you down the hill if you have a broken ankle strap.  They also might help with giving split boarders more support on the up when traversing if you wrap these around the upper high back and boot.  These just make sense and we are packing these in our pants before we hit the hill."

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James Biesty

Ultimate Control

Black Strapins Ultimate Snowboarding Control

Improved Response

Strapins Blue Increased Snowboarding Control

 Joes Myoko

 "I have been snowboarding for over 15 years. I have been custom ski/ snowboard boot fitting for 10+ years. My job is to help people fix their boot problems. As a customer and a retailer, this is a great affordable product that will help fix your boot issue as well as get you out of a jam. The answer to your boot problem is the correct fitting boot in the correct size, but this will defiantly help you get some extra life out of those old boots! And or get you out of a bad situation, highly recommended. Great for a piece of your back country kit as well!"

The Good Ride

"Here is a situation where Peter somehow crashed following Jimbo... Peter, being a quick-thinking lad, remembered we were just given Strapins to review and gave it a go. It actually worked and after that, we all now try to keep at least one Strapin’ in our pant pocket."