Strapins Snowboarders Carving



Ultimate control and response at an affordable price

Why Strapins?

Tried and tested

Designed to optimise your snowboarding

Cheap Fix for Snowboarding boots


Breathes new life into all boots for an affordable price

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Increased Control

Increased Control

 Instant feedback on your turns, every time

Useful for all boots

Flexible Design

Will fit any boot

Fix Broken Snowboarding Boots

Boots Broken?

No Problem. Strapin and enjoy the rest of your day!

Ultimate Control

Improved Response

Black Strapins Ultimate Control Package
Strapins Blue Improved Snowboarding Response

Why Do I Need Strapins?

Instant turns require boots that move exactly when you do. Strapins eliminates the gaps between your foot and the boot that lead to a delayed response. It's really that simple.


  • No more pain due to poor circulation in your boot 

  • Keep riding if one, or even both of your boots break...seriously

  • Straps will not loosen. Once you're locked in, you're set for the day

  • THE cheapest insurance for emergencies with boots and bindings you can buy

Still not convinced? 

Strapins Snowboarding Boot Fix

"I was looking to lock my heels in a little more because I bought new boots. I came across these straps and decided to give them a try. I definitely felt a difference and they worked as designed. No brainer for the money, I certainly wasn't buying new boots."


—  Adam, Intermediate Rider