1. Do your boots up as normal, they will become tighter when the straps are locked in place but importantly not in a painful way at all, in fact, the opposite is the case and you can even loosen your boots once the straps are in place.
  2. On each boot, place one strap above the ankle and tighten firmly. Experiment with where to place straps as everyone rides differently, some seek more control than other. For POWDER, I find place 2 straps above the ankle and none on the front foot to be very effective as you are constantly boarding off the back foot.
  3. For better control and more instant feedback (carves etc), place another strapins towards the top of each snowboard boot (above the boa) and tighten firmly.
  4. For broken snowboard boots or heel straps, use 2 straps as described above and ensure your other undamaged boot is of a similar tightness.

That's all there is to it. Once strapins are in place they will never loosen, won't cut off your circulation and will ensure you get the best control imaginable in a snowboard boot, regardless of how old or new they are.