How We Started

"I simply got sick of boots packing out or worse, boots breaking and not being able to do anything about it. This product has been tested by many in all conditions from groomed perfection to chest deep powder. I also have seen MANY boots broken with no other available option but to hire boots. I really hate that! This is how this product started, but it soon became apparent after exhaustive testing that they were exceptionally good for every day riding. It works, and that's why I have decided to finally get it out there for others to use. It's affordable, functional and will make a big difference to your boarding."

Strapins Founder Bill Brown

  • Fantastic product. Suddenly I could feel my turns the instant they were initiated. Not having pain in my feet from overtightened boots is just a bonus.

    Clinton B. Revelstoke B.C.
  • I tried these when one of my boa snowboard boots broke. Was fantastic being able to keep boarding in my own boots. Awesome!

    Louis A. France
  • Love the instant and reliable response I get from riding with these! Once you are strapped in, it's done. They simply don't loosen unlike every boot I have ridden.

    Andrew W. Myoko Japan


  • Bill Brown: