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SHOULD I BUY 1 OR 2 (or more)?

  • Buy 1 and get your second packet for half price shipped anywhere.

  • Strapins will 100% lock your foot into your boot better so it really depends on the amount of response and control you are looking for. 

  • If you mainly ride groomers and all mountain, then use 2 Strapins on each snowboard boot. You will notice a massive difference in how instant your response is and how quickly your transitions are.

  • If you are more of a park/freestyle rider, then you may only need one on each snowboard boot above the ankle, assuming you prefer a softer feeling and more flexible boot. Having said that, some serious big air boarders use 2 on each boot for more stability.

  • If your snowboard boots have seen better days, are damaged, or you suffer heel lift, too much movement etc, then two straps on each boot will quickly bring them back to life and give you back the control you need to ride well.

  • Backcountry riders may think they just need them for emergencies, but once they ride with them, they will wear them everywhere.

  • Personally, on powder days riding in the trees, I put 2 above the back foot ankle and that's all I need.